"I don't get calls for Scrum Master interviews. I am not sure why I am getting overlooked…"

That is a quote from a Scrum Master job seeker - I read this a lot.

Learn How to Write a Compelling Scrum Master Resume That Gets You Interviews

Hi. I am Lutz đź‘‹

And I am a freelance Scrum Master, and I have been on both sides of the table: As an applicant (as a freelancer, I apply multiple times a year) and as a consultant helping small and big companies recruiting and interviewing candidates for Scrum Master positions.

Many resumes companies receive do not present the candidate correctly, and mostly, they are generic and not tailored to the job description.

The same applied to a friend's resume, who got laid off recently. He applied for multiple positions but neither received any answer nor got invited to an interview.

We had a look at his resume, and it was way off. He is a great Scrum Master, but his resume did not represent that. His resume was one of those generic resumes recruiters and hiring managers don't notice.

We sat together and started again from scratch. We used a clean resume template, listed my friend's work experience and skills related to the job description, and removed unnecessary details.

After that, he applied to four positions, got an interview within the next two weeks, and is now the new Scrum Master of a team in a big e-commerce company in Germany. Yay!

He knows he is a great Scrum Master, and he knows he can crack a Scrum Master interview with ease.

His sticking point was getting inviting to interviews

An ordinary Scrum Master resume will never get you invited to an interview.

Write a compelling Scrum Master Resume that matches the job description's requirements.

I recently researched and identified that writing a compelling Scrum Master resume seems a big issue for many Scrum Masters.

That's why I decided to share my experience and knowledge about writing an effective Scrum Master resume. I want to help Scrum Masters get invited to interviews and get hired.

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